With other attachments of fork lift trucks, they can be used for the handling of the bulk goods and unpackaged goods.

Main characteristics

宣传图 1宣传图 2

  1. Safe LPG Unit

  2. Nissan Engine

    For LPG/Gasoline Forklift, You Can Choose Nissan Engine.

  3. Safe Over-guard

  4. Hydraulic Gear-box

  5. Optional top-grace damped seat

Product Features:

Vibration is reduced with suspended cab (overhead guard);
Noise around ears is reduced by the fully closed meter gantry and floor which could segregate the chassis noise;
Lower damping device inside the lifting system reduces mast shock and vibration, improving the whole truck’s safety and reliability;
Space around foot is effectively increased through lifting up steering unit and using suspension type inching;
The operation space is enlarged by heightened overhead guard and using large arc shape of the overhead guard’s front leg;
Small diameter steering, automobile type reversing lever and steering light switch fixed up like the car are easily to operate;
Half enclosed seat with ergonomic design is standard to improve back comfort and protect the waist as well.

Technical Parameter

Load capacitykg2500
Load centermm500
Power type
Max. lifting speeds (with load)mm/s400
Max. driving speeds (with/without load)km/h17/19
Max. towing (with/without load)KN15/10
Gradeability (with/without load)
Lifting heightmm3000
Free liftmm60
Tilting angles (forward-backward)?6/12
Min. turning radiusmm2450
Min. right angle aisle widthmm2050
Min. under-clearancemm110
Overall length (including fork)mm3605
Overall widthmm1160
Overall height (mast lowered)mm2095
Overall height (mast extend)mm4080
Overall height to overhead guardmm2095
Fork overhangmm451
Wheel basemm1640
Front treadmm970
Rear treadmm970
Front type
7.00 - 12
Rear type
6.00 - 9
Total weightkg3600
Fork widthmm122
Fork thicknessmm40
Backrest heightmm1000
Fork lengthmm1070
Engine model
Nissan K21/K25
Rate power
Rotate speed at rate powerrpm2250/2300
Max. torqueNm143.7/176.5
Rotate speed at max torquerpm1600
Type of power shift

The standard configuration

  1. LPG installation

    1 液化石油气装置

  2. Hydraulic transmission

    3 液力变速箱


1. Optional LPG and gasoline forklift, pure gasoline forklift.
2. Optional engines: Mitsubishi engines, Nissan engines, etc.
3. Masts of different heights are customized according to customer requirements
Level 2 3.3m, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m
Level 3 4.5m, 5m, 6m, 7.3m
4. Custom forks of different lengths are customized according to customer requirements
1.22m fork, 1.37m fork, 1.52m fork
5. Optional side shifter, full free lift, plastic cover board, headlights, solid tires and various accessories.

Counterbalance Gasoline/LPG Forklift 3 Ton

Maintenance knowledge of electric forklift